Dear Thomas, We really like the bathroom. You were very timely and pleasant to have do the work... You must see the finished product after I added towels and shower curtain. Thank you again for all your work.

Denise D

The transformation of a tired 1942 bungalow is breath-taking. Thomas' attention to details, solutions for difficult design areas and overall perfectionism in his work were all done at lightening speed.

All older home remodeling projects have hidden surprises and this one was no exception. Each surprise was dealt with good humor, creativity and affordable pricing to remedy the problem.

We cannot recommend Thomas and his crew enough, for the design ideas, the craftmanship and the reassuring "can-do, no problem" attitude.

We only wish we had more projects for AT Construction to see what other magic he can create!

Deb and Dean

"Thomas the owner was very knowledgeable, friendly, and a very, very hard worker. On the second day at the job site, he returned with an employee who turned out, also to be friendly and a very hard worker. I was extremely happy with their work. The one little problem that occurred was taken care of very quickly and so far I think very effectively. I wouldn't hesitate to hire AT Construction in the future."

Dana T.

"Great service. Wonderful price."

Jessie H.

"Very good person, and he does very good work."

Mark P.

"Thank you - the deck looks great! I am impressed by your speed and skills. You are so knowledgeabel."

Bernadette M.

"Еverything went great - it finished on time and within the written estimate. I had a unique project of removing a suspended ceiling and replacing it with a plaster one with 2 chandeliers and a fan/light combination. Thomas develop a beautiful octagon design to prevent moving the heating vents (saving lots of dollars) and to show off the crystal chandeliers. The quality was great and he made sure all of his subs' work was also very good. Everyone was polite, hard working and cleaned up after themselves. Having done numerous projects with other local companies, AT construction wins my #1 award. Plan to hire At for other projects this spring."

Nancy H.

My son and I want to thank you for the great work you did when removing the skylight in our foyer (it was leaking and had a chimney-like effect, letting cold air in and warm air escape) and replacing it with a solar tube. Your workmanship was very, very good and we could not be happier with the result.

Some time passed and the rains came. One of the sliding glass doors was giving us problems because water dripped from the top of it. Again we called you and not only did you agree to come and replace the door with a window but you did it the week before Christmas. Instead of a drafty door we now have a very well installed and insulated window. We love it and would recommend you to anybody because of your reliability, excellent workmanship and know-how.

We feel that our trust in you was totally justified and we would be happy to talk to any future client of yours about our wonderful experience. As you know, after 25+ years in the Real Estate business I was quite skeptical but you convinced me that your company deserves a grade of "EXCELLENT".

We will call on you again when the time comes.

With kind regards,

Thomas F. P.
Erika P.

We engaged AT Construction to turn our second floor back deck into a four season room and add a flight of stairs to the landing below. Thomas provided a fair quote and timeline.

The work was completed on time, in a quality fashion and Thomas took great pride in doing things right. The work was completed as quoted, with no financial surprises.

We liked the engineered floor so much; we had Thomas install it in our kitchen and dining room. Our daughter liked it well enough to also have AT Construction install the flooring in her Condo kitchen, dining, and living rooms.

I would not hesitate to use AT Construction again, nor would I hesitate to recommend them for your project.

Jim E.

Thank you so much for the excellent work you did on our 4 season room, it is absolutely beautiful! Our house would not be ready for the wedding if it hadn't been for all your hard work. Thanks again for helping us out with the bathroom!

Bryan & Patty C.

Time is money. The difference added to the check from your invoice is for all the time and gas you spent shopping for the materials I was physically unable to go to the various stores to purchase.


Eleanor A.

We had Thomas remodel our bathroom and could not be more pleased. He worked efficiently and fast to get it done in the shortest possible time. Would not hesitate to hire him again and recommend him to all my friends. Thanks Thomas.

Fred and Jackie S.

We couldn't be more pleased with Tomas Acas and the work he did for us completely repairing and remodeling our bathroom. We wouldn't hesitate to hire him for any future work that we will have done. He had the best price of several places we got estimates for and got the work done in a very timely fashion. We would highly recommend Acas Construction to everyone.

Laurie and Brian C.

I had just moved into a new house. The house had been closed up for over a month; and, after one night in my new home, I discovered that carpet in two of the bedrooms were so smelly they were untenable. With my furniture arriving soon, I had to have emergency carpet removal and floor replacement. Luckily, I found Tomas. He spent long days over a weekend to pull up all the stinky carpet and lay down some lovely laminate. He did such a great job that I didn't hesitate to call on him again when I needed some other small jobs done. Whether it's a big or little job, I'd recommend Tomas for whatever work you need. He'll get it done!

Sue B.

AT Construction is our go-to-guy for repairs and remodeling projects. They are prompt, neat, and do a great job. We highly recommend them.

George and Alice F.

During last two years Tomas Acas performed a lot of work in my house: changed all counters in kitchen, repaired concrete around house, did electrical and plumber works. Shortly, Tomas is handy man and quality of his work is excellent. I appreciate very much Tomas work and it was certainly a privilege to interact with Tomas.

Oskar R.

Thank you for the great job that you did in our home. We were really stuck and you came through for us!

Sherry M.

Our situation is a unique one. We decided to update the flooring in our bathroom and discovered mold and rotting wood beneath our sub-floor due to a slow pipe leak at the base of our toilet. We contracted a mold remediation company, who also discovered mold in the wall between our bathroom and kitchen. Our bathroom and part of our kitchen were gutted. Two months later, the mold was remediated but the reconstruction contractors had still not started work due to a busy schedule. We didn't know what to do. We needed our bathroom and kitchen back and no rebuilding was happening.

Enter Thomas (Contacted randomly on a simple internet search). He was honest, professional, reasonably priced, and always wanted to do what was best for us, even if it meant more time and supplies. He was full of great ideas, such as adding window blocks to a window in our shower, placing a bathroom ceiling fan, building a kitchen shelf, and adding a breakfast bar and can lights to make our small kitchen bigger. From floors to ceilings to lighting to painting to tiling to cabinetry and countertops, Thomas did it all. He worked hard, worked fast, and did a great job completing both the bathroom and kitchen. We were so pleased with the final product. We would definitely hire him again.

Laura Sh.

We have hired Tomas for our third bathroom remodel now. I have no more bathrooms, sorry Tomas. (: He is excellent with tile and tries very hard to listen to your vision for remodel. When you have someone in your home for a time to work, it is important that you enjoy their manner and can be honest with one another as progress is made. Tomas is part of our family now, I think, and I feel I can tell him when I do not like an idea and he makes me laugh as he responds. He is easy to have around and we value his workmanship. Thanks, Tomas.

Dan and Denise D.