New addition: garage and two storage rooms

To provide homeowners with extra space we built an addition to the house that includes a much needed third garage and two storage rooms. One of the storage rooms is in the back of the addition and the other one is in the basement. We also refreshed the look of the rest of the house by installing new siding and new garage doors. The old gutters were replaced with new seamless aluminum ones.

New addition - garage and two storage rooms   New addition - garage and two storage rooms

New addition - garage and two storage rooms   New addition - garage and two storage rooms

Photo before construction was completed:

Photo before construction was completed

New addition: four-season room

In this project the homeowners wanted to take full advantage of the wooded views in the back of their house by building a spacious four-season room. We worked together to create the design. It was also important to make it look original to the house. This addition has 15 Pella windows and one Pella glass sliding door to create an open feeling. All the windows and door have custom trimming around them to match the existing house. A new electric heating system was installed to make the room comfortable in the winter and we used foam insulation for energy efficiency. This addition turned out great! And the home owners were very happy with the result.

New addition - four-season room  New addition - four-season room

New addition - four-season room  New addition - four-season room

Professional home office

This professional office was build in an unfinished basement for working from home. Custom wiring includes internet cable, telephone line, extra electric outlets and resets lights. Concrete walls were insulated and covered with drywall. A closet in the corner of the room provides extra storage. French glass doors give access to the back yard and add more light to the room. Beautiful green granite tile accents the entry and matching carpet on the floor.

Photos of the home office after remodel:

Basement after remodeling  Basement after remodeling

Photos of the basement before remodel:

Basement before remodeling  Basement before remodeling

Completely renovated kitchen

We removed the old popcorn ceiling and soffits and installed eight new recessed lights to brighten the kitchen and give it more height.  The existing opening to the dining room was relocated and enlarged for better access. We also built a large breakfast bar for three people with a light fixture above each sitting. Beautiful dark green granite tiles were used for the countertop.

Contemporary maple cabinets with a natural finish give this new kitchen a warm and cozy look and plenty of storage.

For the new stove we designed and built a special niche that serves as a dramatic focal point for the new kitchen. Turning the stove at an angle creates a more inviting and comfortable work space for meal preparation, saves space and gives this kitchen a more stylish custom look.

Completely renovated kitchen  Completely renovated kitchen

Completely renovated kitchen  Completely renovated kitchen

Completely renovated kitchen  Completely renovated kitchen

Photos of the kitchen before remodel:

Photo of the kitchen before remodel  Photo of the kitchen before remodel

Kitchen remodel

We started kitchen remodel project by removing the old outdated popcorn ceilings and soffits and then we installed new taller and spacious oak cabinets with new appliances. New ceramic tile was installed throughout the kitchen and dining room area. A neutral wall color gives this kitchen a new warm and welcoming look.


Elegant arches

I designed and built these arches to separate the dining room from the living area but keep the space open and airy.

Arches between kitchen and living room

First impression does matter

To create this new and more impressive entrance, we installed a new cherry hardwood door and added stones around it to complement the new exterior arch. It gives the whole house a new dramatic look. A new gold lock and light fixture complete this updated entrance.


Custom design

What used to be just flat walls on each side of the fireplace has now been transformed. A custom designed and built display shelving unit was installed to add interest and complement the existing fireplace.

Built-in shelving

Custom shower

We built this contemporary walk-in shower in the master bathroom.  It was equipped with two valves and three shower heads. For the walls, we used beautiful 12x12 inch  granite tile. A large glass-block window in the shower allows natural light while ensuring privacy. Build-in shelving keeps toiletries organized.

Custom shower  Custom shower

Custom shower  Custom shower

Complete renovation

This was a complete remodel of the full sized bathroom. We installed a new bath tub, hickory cabinets, a double sink counter top and new toilet. Glass blocks were added to bring more light to the room but still maintain privacy. A blend of brown and tan ceramic tile gives this bathroom an improved contemporary look.


Big change on small budget

We refreshed the look of this bathroom as part of the entire house remodeling project. Just by adding new light fixtures, matching faucets and towel bars, and a new mirror, we were able to give this bathroom a whole new look. We built the mirror frame and sponge painted it to match the sink base. The old linoleum was replaced with new ceramic tile.


New bathroom

This small yet elegant bathroom was added to the house in the lower level. We installed a custom built mirror, full size bath tub, pedestrial sink, and toilet just outside the picture. New ceramic tile and chrome light fixture and towel holders gives this bathroom a stylish look.